This website was created to answer the question, How can individuals be relevant in politics today? It is built on Dr. King’s idea of the “fierce urgency of now” and on John Stewart Mill’s philosophy of gaining a better understanding of the world through the sharing of ideas. Basically this site will be a place of political activism where viewers can look up a variety of issues, get the facts behind those issues, and then if they want to (which is highly encouraged) send letters to their representatives about how they feel on those issues. Most importantly viewers can share their thoughts and partake in constructive dialogue about pertinent political issues facing our country.

Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson were both activist writers who greatly influenced the political climate of their day. Many blogs today contain the ideas and spirit that has continued to perfect our union since Jefferson and Paine began what Barack Obama called America’s improbable experiment, however I think that these blogs lack a call to action. John F. Kennedy said in his inaugural address “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” this blog allows us to do something for our country and for ourselves.

All too often it is the limited amount of available time that keeps us from writing to our political officials or becoming actively engaged in politics. The goal of activistwriter.org is to erase this limiting factor and once and for all give the people the power to participate in their government to the furthest extent possible.

The people of the United States hold the ultimate check on the government and those great minds that founded this nation relied on a well informed and activist citizenry to ensure we continue to have all of  the rights and freedoms promised by the Constitution of the United States of America.  

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